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CoxBox 08 and 88 Manuals, Downloads, and Troubleshooting Documents

CoxBox Instruction Manuals

CoxBox Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

Specifications, tips, error codes and best practices for use with the 0105 Cox Box / Megaphone Battery

CoxBox Instruction Manual

CoxBox Maintenance Kit

CoxBox Mini Operation, Maintenance, Battery Use, Battery Charging, Battery Messages

CoxBox Mini Dial removal and cleaning instructions

CoxBox Panel Protector Installation Instructions

Microphone Installation Instructions

CoxBox Boat Wiring

4+ 2 Speaker Set Up

8+ 3 Speaker Setup

All Wiring Setup

CoxBox Troubleshooting Documents

329090 pg 2 Speakerplug_repair 3031

CoxBox Customer Operation and Diagnostic Guide

CoxBox Wiring Harness Repair "Pigtail" (Part # 3032)

Troubleshooting document for the FAQ, Why am I getting Hi Deg Errors when charging the Cox Box?

Replacing the Stroke Rate Sensor (HD Harness, Part Number 0214)

Replacing the Stroke Rate Sensor (Legacy Harness, Part Number 0212) This part will replace the stroke rate sensor that is installed in the shell - mounted on the deck under the seat magnet.


Testing CoxBox Wiring in an 8 with a Multimeter