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Specifications, tips, error codes and best practices for use with the 0105 Cox Box / Megaphone Battery

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If your display begins to dim, it is time to replace the batteries. REMEMBER all unsaved data will be lost when the batteries are changed.

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Replace your battery (CR2032 Lithium watch battery), following the instructions on page 10. In rare cases, an electrostatic discharge (static electricity “shock”) may cause your display’s unit to go blank. In dry weather, a charge can build up while the unit is being carried in the storage pouch or a pocket and be discharged when the unit is touched or placed on the mounting bracket. If this happens, you can perform a complete reset of your unit as follows:

Open the battery door and remove the battery. Leave the battery out for at least 10 seconds while pressing and holding the button. Release the button and reinstall the battery. The unit should turn on and function normally when you push the button.

If this procedure does not solve the problem, and your unit is more than 2 years old, try replacing the battery.

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Typical battery life in the Oarlock is 10-25hrs, depending on the battery and ambient temperature. We recommend high quality Lithium disposables or Low Self Discharge rechargeable NiMH batteries for more economical use. We do NOT recommend use of alkaline batteries because they are prone to leaking, particularly in a humid environment, and A LEAKING BATTERY WILL DESTROY THE OARLOCK ELECTRONICS AND IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY! Here are some batteries we tested, along with the duration they ran under typical use at 75°F:

Energizer Ultimate Lithium 25hrs
Duracell Duralock Rechargeable 2500mAh 15hrs
Eneloop Pro Rechargeable 2450mAh 15hrs
Energizer Max Alkaline 15hrs (NOT recommended!)
Tenergy Rechargeable 2600mAh 14hrs
Energizer Power Plus Rechargeable 2300mAh 13hrs
Energizer Industrial Alkaline 13hrs (NOT recommended!)
Duracell Alkaline 1500mAh 11hrs (NOT recommended!)
Energizer Universal Rechargeable 1500mAH 10hrs
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If the battery has become very flat (low), it may take a little longer for the unit to show that it is charging. First please make sure the unit has “clicked” into place on the charger so that the silver contacts are aligned together. Then make sure you give the unit at least 30 minutes for the “charging” to appear on the screen. Typically after 30 minutes you should see a change from a blank screen to “charging”. If the unit is still not responding after more than 30 minutes on a charge, please contact NK for assistance.

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Check the battery voltage and/or replace the existing battery.

The CR2032 is a common battery available at most local stores. A CR2032 has an average expected battery life of 400 hours.

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