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NK SpeedCoach Regatta Series

Compete on the Water with the NK SpeedCoach® Regatta Series

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The SpeedCoach Regatta Series allows you to compete against rowers from all over the world from wherever you are. Choose your challenge, compete against your friends and teammates, and make the most of your time on the water. We’ve done races of various distances and continue to add the number of age, weight and gender categories. We’ve even added stake races.

Upcoming Events

  • May 21-
    May 31

    The Art of the Start Stake Race
    Masters only

    2000 Meters

What is a stake race?

A stake race is composed of completing an out-and-back racing piece, traveling half the distance, turning your shell around (in some cases rounding a buoy or stake) and then racing back to where you started as fast as you can. Because you will be starting from a dead stop at the beginning, and because you have to get your boat back up to speed after the midpoint turn, you get the chance to practice your start sequence not once, but twice during your race. The 2k race just became 1000m with the current and 1000m against it.

What does a stake race piece look like?

It could look something like this:

How do you complete a stake race using NK SpeedCoach GPS and LiNK Logbook?

  1. Choose Art of the Start Stake Race (out and back) virtual event in LiNK Logbook Compete section and enter.
  2. Set your SpeedCoach GPS to run workout for full race distance (in this event, 2000m).
  3. Halfway through the piece, turn the boat around and race back towards where you started.
  4. Make sure you cover the complete 2000m distance. Finish your race within 50m of where you began. IMPORTANT: finishing further away than 50M disqualifies your piece.

The LiNK Logbook App will take the uploaded data from your SpeedCoach GPS and detect if you have completed an out-and-back piece based on the guidelines above. If you have met the criteria, LiNK Logbook will report the full-distance elapsed time to the event leaderboard.

What equipment do I need to take part in this type of racing?

To participate in any event in the series requires the following equipment:

  • 1x and sculling oars
  • SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 with Training Pack software. Upgrade your SpeedCoach GPS to Training Pack- it’s easy
  • Registered individual account on the LiNK Logbook app. The App is simple to download, quick to set-up and FREE!


  1. Row the defined distance within the regatta timeframe on any body of water in the world! Use the SpeedCoach programmable workouts to make sure you program the exact distance of the race you choose.
  2. Upload your session to your LiNK Logbook account. Row as many pieces as you want - your fastest qualifying piece will be used for the leaderboard.
  3. Join the regatta. You can join and leave the regatta any time before the event ends. You can even join before the event begins so you're ready when the race window opens.