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NK Sports Service Request


Speed your repair turnaround and get your NK Sports products serviced on YOUR schedule with our online Service Request. Complete the information below and click "Add to Cart" to add a Service Request to your order for EACH product you will be returning. Be sure to review the checklist and helpful information under Overview below to ensure we get all the information we need to get you back on the water as quickly as possible!

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to part obsolescence, NK is no longer able to repair CoxBox 88 (metal can), CoxBox BNC Microphones, or SpeedCoach XL. Please visit our trade-in page.

New Update: Part shortages are currently creating much longer repair times for all parts.
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These products require a full fixed price repair to resolve their issues.

What is included in a Full, Fixed-Price Repair?

  • Perform detailed visual, audio and functional check for damage or problems.
  • Test Bluetooth communication (if Bluetooth / LiNK model) 
  • Replace damaged case, can, handle, cone or other parts if needed. EmPower Oarlock only – replace plastic oarlock assembly.
  • Update firmware to latest version, if applicable.
  • Leak test and repair minor leaks.
  • Clean window and all connectors, lubricate connectors.
  • Install new lanyard and float if needed.
  • Install new Bumpers if ordered (a great way to freshen the appearance of your CoxBox or Megaphone!)
  • Test battery charge/discharge and power. Replace battery if needed.*

*The cost of a new internal battery pack is included in the fixed price repair for “metal can” CoxBox models. Evaluation of one removable battery pack is also included in the fixed price repair of your CoxBox 08 or Blue Ocean Megaphone, so we recommend returning your battery WITH your unit for evaluation. However, a new battery pack, if required, will be billed separately.

These products are either no longer in production, or are constructed in such a way that we cannot perform a full overhaul as described above. For these products, if desired, we will conduct an evaluation to determine if your problem can be fixed with a minor repair, such as a battery compartment fix or code upgrade. If this is not possible, most are eligible for Trade-In Trade-Up and the $25 SpeedCoach Gold/Red/StrokeCoach/Interval Repair will be credited to your Trade-Up Order. If the product is not repairable and you decide to discard it, the $25 fee will not be refunded or credited to a future order.

Battery Packs: If you wish to have us test an out-of-warranty battery pack separately from a CoxBox 08 or Megaphone, select $25 CoxBox Battery option. The $25 fee will be credited to the price of a replacement battery pack if purchased, or retained if the pack is returned to you or discarded after test.

Shell Wiring: CoxBox, SpeedCoach and StrokeCoach shell wiring is generally not repairable. Of course, all are covered under warranty as indicated by the date code so please do return shell wiring for warranty replacement if it is less than two years old and not working correctly. If you wish to have us evaluate shell wiring, please select the $25 Shell Wirting option. This evaluation fee will be credited to the price of replacement wiring (same or comparable) if you decide to replace it.

Loudspeakers: Speakers are permanently sealed and not repairable. Speakers made within the last two years all have a date code on the speaker wire and will, of course, be replaced under warranty.

Battery Chargers:  With the exception of the Blue Ocean/CoxBox battery pack charger, battery chargers are not repairable for less than the cost of a new one. Of course, if less than Two Years old, any charger that fails to operate correctly will be replaced under warranty. 

How Does Trade-In, Trade-Up Work?:

Learn about our Trade-In, Trade-up program

Checklist for completing an Online Service Request:

  Make sure to add a separate Service Request to your cart for EACH item you will be returning.

  You can mix as many items in a return as you want so long as each has a Service Request on your order. We’ll have to contact you for items without a service request, which may delay completing your order.

  Refer to our NK Sports Warranty page for more information about warranty coverage.

  Check our Trade-In Trade-Up pages for exact information about trade-in options for your product after the warranty has expired.

  Make sure you have ordered your Trade-Up product if you are Trading In.

  Want to refresh your product’s appearance or change your color scheme? Be sure to add new Bumpers to your order.

  Check out. If your order is more than $0, you will be prompted to enter payment. You will create your account during checkout if this is your first order.

  Note your order number and add it prominently to the outside of the box after the word “RETURN” or “RA”. This step is important! We must have your order number to match your return with your service request(s) and payment and handle everything with no delays. You can print a copy of the order to place in the box for further confirmation if convenient, but this is not necessary.

Pack your items securely and ship to:

21 Creek Circle 
Boothwyn, PA 19061 
Attn:  RETURN####

NOTE: For both warranty and non-warranty repairs, we'll take care of return ground shipping at no charge to the US, but you are responsible for shipping your repair to NK. - limited to ground shipping to the US. Expedited and overseas shipping is available at additional charge. 

International Returns Note: When returning your unit for repair from outside the United States, please be sure that the shipping company has the following information on each line item of the customs invoice:

  • Harmonized code: 9801.00.1012
  • Description of goods: Return for Warranty Repair of US Manufactured goods

*Including all of this information will help you avoid incorrectly paying duties and taxes

What happens next?:  

You will receive an email providing your order number for reference. If your product cannot be repaired or serviced in the manner requested, or we have questions about the problem you have described, we will be in touch by email.

Questions or clarifications about our NK Sports Repair Services? Email Tech Support or call (610) 447-1555.

 *Warranty on Repairs*

All repairs carry a 90-day warranty, which begins the day the repaired item is shipped back to the customer. In addition, replacement parts installed as part of a repair carry a one-year warranty. Repaired products will continue to be covered by their normal warranty or by this extended repair warranty, whichever is longer.

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