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Your question got cut off so I cannot fully see everything you wrote. You should not pair the Kestrel to the phone itself, this is unnecessary and can cause issues. Also make sure you do not have Privacy Pin enabled. Go to Main Menu->Bluetooth and press the center button. Make Sure Conct is set to PC/Mobile and Privacy Pin is OFF. Hope this helps. If you have more questions, please email ... Read more
Yes the Kestrel Elite comes with Applied Ballistics. Unfortunately we no longer have scopes available so that offer is no longer valid. ... Read more
You will not get heart rate data fields until you actually pair the heart rate belt to the SpeedCoach. Please try going to the pairing menu on the SpeedCoach. Then while it is looking for the device, take the Polar buckle off the belt and rub the contacts to try and "wake it up". Hopefully this helps with pairing. Then once paired, you should be able to scroll through the heart rate data fields. ... Read more
We do not have a New Zealand agent. Please contact our Australian agent: Loftopia. Don at Loftopia: ... Read more
This can happen if the memory log becomes full. Please try this: Take the battery out of the unit and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Put the battery back in and turn it on. Wait several minutes for the screen to clear until you can press buttons. Then when you can press buttons, go to Main Menu->Memory Options. Clear the data log. This should fix the startup issue you are having. ... Read more
We do not have the registration pages setup on the new website yet, so there isn't a way currently. Please know however that we will honor the 5 year warranty based on the serial number of the unit so there isn't any risk if you do not register it. ... Read more
Are you using iOS or Android? What email provider(s) are you using? For the ones that have a file get attached, does it send the email but not appear in the email account? Have you looked in the junk folder possibly? The email provider may be blocking the attachment possibly? Please let me know how that goes. ... Read more
We have not implemented the registration feature on our new website yet but please rest assured that your unit will be covered under warranty by the date of manufacture from the serial number. ... Read more
Please see the information on this page to get help updating your SpeedCoach. You do need our Bluetooth dongle to connect to a Windows (or MAC) computer if you didn't get a SpeedCoach with Training Pack. If you don't want to purchase the dongle, you can also send it in for an update. ... Read more
We are having issues with the firmware update with iOS devices and are looking into the issue. In the meantime, you will need to use a Windows or MAC to update the firmware, sorry for the inconvenience. ... Read more
We changed the way that the rifle twist is entered with firmware 1.20 and higher. If you have an 11 inch rifle twist, please enter this as 1:11.00 in. This is read as a 1 rotation in every 11 inches of barrel travel. Previously this was just entered as 11.00 in. If instead you have a 9 inch twist, it would be entered as 1:9.00 in. ... Read more
It may be trying to find a firmware update but having issues. Make sure you have a good Wifi connection. Then you can also try doing a soft reset on the Kestrel. Take the battery out, hold down power button for 30 seconds, put battery back in. (This will not affect your gun profiles). Finally if neither of those work, i would try uninstalling and then reinstalling the LiNK Ballistics application. ... Read more
I am not sure if you have the older style Cox Box microphones (metal connector) or the newer style (rubber connector). Typically we can repair the older style by replacing the connector ($35): If it is the newer style, we typically cannot repair them. If they are still within the 2 year warranty period, please send them in as above. ... Read more
We have not implemented the registration on our new website yet but rest assured that you will be covered for any warranty issues by the date of the serial number of the unit. ... Read more
Hello, If you have a Bluetooth (LiNK) model, you can export the data from the mobile apps and email to an account to view the data. If you want to use a PC or MAC (or don't have Bluetooth model), you could use the data transfer cable: The data gets exported as a CSV file and would be located in the directory of your choosing. Hope this helps but if you have more questions, please email Regards, Joe Racosky ... Read more
Hello, Yes the unit is designed to keep recording data, even when turned off. To not have it collect data when turned off, you would need to either take out the battery or go to Main Menu->Memory Options-> and turn Auto Store to Off. Regards, Joe Racosky ... Read more
Hello, We have dealers in Norway, please contact ThoegerBoats, to make your purchase. For Denmark, it would be Modest Sport, Best Regards, Joe Racosky ... Read more
Sorry for the trouble and tardy response. Please fill out a request to send it in and we will repair or replace it for you: ... Read more
Both products are essentially the same, it is just a color difference between the two units. ... Read more
The top of the adjustable surface mount would just slide into the flat adhesive mount: ... Read more
No. Our registration database isn't even set up on the new website yet. We will honor the warranty from the serial number along, or the date of purchase as long as you can provide the documentation of the purchase date. ... Read more
The only way to turn off data recording is to go to Main Menu->Memory Options and set Auto Store to OFF. Either that or take out the battery. Otherwise it will record data when off. ... Read more
Not really. You can subtract the time between strokes but this isn't exactly what you want. I will take this as feedback though and let our people know this is something customers want. ... Read more
The most common thing to do is order a tune-up on the Kestrel, which you can do here: ... Read more
Hello, It sounds as if the heart rate belt isn't detecting a heart rate for some reason for a little while and then shutting off. Once it detects it again, then it comes back on. I would try cleaning the heart rate belt to see if that helps. One is the contacts on the buckle, see here: The other are the rubber straps that go ahead your body. You can use a mild soap and warm water to clean these off. Hopefully this helps. ... Read more
All of our oarlocks are pitched around 3.5 - 4 degrees and there isn't a way to really change this. We have had customers use tape on the oarlock to adjust the pitch and this works somewhat well but other than that, we do not have a way to change this currently. ... Read more
The original had a BNC (metal) connector. The 08 has the rubber plug that you need for the Mini. So you would need this one: Regards. ... Read more
Does your SpeedCoach have the Training Pack installed on it? Go to Main Menu->About and check to see if Options say "Training Pack" next to it. If not, then you will not be able to upload the data. If you have the training pack, are you using the provided Bluetooth dongle to connect? Does your SpeedCoach connect to LiNK? Are you putting the SpeedCoach in Data Link mode? Please let me know a little more of the situation and we can get it fixed for you. ... Read more
We do not have the registration setup on our new website but rest assured your product is covered from date of manufacture from the serial number on the back. ... Read more
Only the Kestrel 5000 series units can connect to the our Kestrel app. For the 4500, please check out a list of 3rd part applications that will work with your unit: ... Read more
You can either purchase a Bluetooth dongle (PN 0126) from our site and use that to update with Windows or MAC and our LiNK program. Or you can just connect your SpeedCoach to our NK LiNK for iOS or NK LiNK for Android and you should be prompted about a firmware update. Finally, if you want, you can send it in to us and we can update the firmware for free. ... Read more