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Your firmware version will be displayed on the splash screen upon start-up of your SpeedCoach. It is also available in the “About” section of the menu.

Note: Use of LiNK software’s data download feature requires Firmware Version 2.04 or higher. If you have an earlier version of firmware, you won’t be able to download any data until you’ve completed a firmware update.

How to get the latest firmware

  • Open LiNK and click on the "help" tab. Open "Update Your SpeedCoach" and click on the link in Step 1
  • Run/Install the program when prompted to load the new firmware files to your computer
  • On your SpeedCoach, go into the main menu and select "Data LiNK"
  • Pair your SpeedCoach to LiNK and you will be prompted that a new update is available

Latest Firmware:

Other Important Information:

  • All firmware updates will wipe all current workout data from your SpeedCoach. Please transfer your data prior to updating firmware.
  • f you do not have a SpeedCoach with Training Pack, you are still able to update your firmware through LiNK, but you will need to purchase a Bluegiga Smart Dongle, available here
  • You can also use this opportunity to upgrade your unit to a version with Training Pack and access the workout programming and LiNK data transfer capabilities.

Release notes for SpeedCoach GPS, SUP & OC (Version 2.21) - 10/15/18

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When you update the firmware on your GPS unit, the heart rate belt will need to be re-paired. You will also lose all session data currently on the unit.

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Please go to the Main Menu and the About screen. The model (1 or 2), firmware version, hardware version, memory used and options (training pack or not) will be listed here.

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  • You can buy a NK LiNK dongle, download LiNK and upgrade the firmware from there.
  • If you have access to an NK LiNK dongle (maybe a very kind friend…), you can borrow theirs to perform the update.
  • You can update your unit to a Training Pack version if you are interested in the extra features that offers (programmable workouts, HR belt compatible, and downloadable data) in addition to the newest firmware version. You can find the Training Pack upgrade information for Rowing here for SUP here or for OC here .
  • You can attend a race or regatta where NK has a booth and we will be happy to upgrade your firmware there.
  • You can use our mobile Android or iOS applications if you have FW version 2.11 or higher.
  • You can send the unit into us and we can upgrade your firmware in our office and send it back to you.
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To update the firmware on your SpeedCoach, you must first run a program to import the latest firmware files from our site. To do this, please open the LiNK software. Click on the Help tab at the top of the screen. Click on the link found under Step 1 of the instructions and run this program. Link will be an .exe file for Windows users and a ZIP file for OS X users. After you have run this firmware installer, the latest firmware files will be moved to your computer. The next time you connect your SpeedCoach, you should be prompted to update your firmware. Just click Yes to update. If you do not get automatically prompted, you can go to the Manage tab and select Update Firmware. If you are not prompted again, you most likely have the latest firmware available.

Note: All data sessions will be deleted from the unit after updating the firmware. The heart rate belt will also need to be re-paired.

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