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How can I update my firmware if I do not have the Training Pack version?

  • You can buy a NK LiNK dongle, download LiNK and upgrade the firmware from there.
  • If you have access to an NK LiNK dongle (maybe a very kind friend…), you can borrow theirs to perform the update.
  • You can update your unit to a Training Pack version if you are interested in the extra features that offers (programmable workouts, HR belt compatible, and downloadable data) in addition to the newest firmware version. You can find the Training Pack upgrade information for Rowing here for SUP here or for OC here .
  • You can attend a race or regatta where NK has a booth and we will be happy to upgrade your firmware there.
  • You can use our mobile Android or iOS applications if you have FW version 2.11 or higher.
  • You can send the unit into us and we can upgrade your firmware in our office and send it back to you.