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How do I update my firmware to the latest version?

To update the firmware on your SpeedCoach, you must first run a program to import the latest firmware files from our site. To do this, please open the LiNK software. Click on the Help tab at the top of the screen. Click on the link found under Step 1 of the instructions and run this program. Link will be an .exe file for Windows users and a ZIP file for OS X users. After you have run this firmware installer, the latest firmware files will be moved to your computer. The next time you connect your SpeedCoach, you should be prompted to update your firmware. Just click Yes to update. If you do not get automatically prompted, you can go to the Manage tab and select Update Firmware. If you are not prompted again, you most likely have the latest firmware available.

Note: All data sessions will be deleted from the unit after updating the firmware. The heart rate belt will also need to be re-paired.