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For a single scull should I get 2 Empower oarlocks? Will I get simultaneous feedback from both on my GPS2? Or do people get one and switch sides from time to time?


You cannot pair two oarlocks to one SpeedCoach at this time. We will look to add this in the future at some point. Currently you would need 2 SpeedCoaches and 2 Oarlocks to view both at once.

With our focus on simplicity of installation, pairing and understandability, the initial release of the system is a one-to-one pairing between oarlock and SpeedCoach. Every oarlock needs a dedicated SpeedCoach to view and log its measurements. The SpeedCoach is hardware capable of pairing to multiple oarlocks, and we will offer this option as a firmware update in the future.

While it is absolutely true that all scullers have differences in their stroke between their left and right hands, these differences (a) cannot be TOO great or the boat would never go straight; and (b) are generally smaller in their impact on boat speed than the larger elements which can be captured on either side. When in sculling mode, the SpeedCoach doubles the Work and Power values obtained from the single Oarlock so the effective athlete output is shown. We are in part choosing to release the EmPower Oarlock for sculling as a one-to-one system to learn more about the typical combinations of measurements preferred by scullers so we can create a simplified and manageable user interface for displaying the MANY values available when you double the number of Oarlock measurements to be displayed. We promise you will see that the system is incredibly powerful with only one Oarlock as soon as you try it. Note that you can also swap sides occasionally to compare results because the Oarlock is so quick and easy to install and can be used on either side.