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SpeedCoach® SUP 2


SpeedCoach SUP Model 2 is now only available with Training Pack.

The original stand-up paddling performance monitor, the SpeedCoach SUP 2, offers paddlers accurate, high-contrast information about speed, cadence, glide, and calorie burn in a completely waterproof package. The Training Pack software now comes standard! Program any workout ahead of time, start and record training and race pieces "on the fly", and upload data wirelessly to a computer or mobile device for deeper insights over time.

The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is designed for stand-up paddleboarding. For rowing, please see the SpeedCoach GPS 2 and for Outboard Canoeing, see the SpeedCoach OC 2.

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SpeedCoach SUP 2 Stand Up Paddle Board Monitor

Whether you’re racing on the SUP circuit or paddling recreationally for fitness, we know you recognize the importance of accurately monitoring your performance with the right equipment made just for YOU. The NEW SpeedCoach SUP 2 is the perfect training and fitness tool for paddlers of all levels.

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Measurements & Performance Features

The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is the ONLY performance monitor specifically designed for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). Get immediate training and fitness feedback with every stroke you take. Now all features of the Training Pack come standard.



  • Speed

    Get real-time speed without slowing down to look at your watch. Our precision 5 Hz GPS allows for accurate and responsive speed.

  • Distance

    Get accurate distance with the SpeedCoach SUP2 5 Hz GPS processor. This unit pulls satellite readings 5 times a second, compared to once a second for most GPS watches.

  • Distance Per Stroke (Glide)

    Save energy by determining how effective each one of your strokes is. Get the most glide and speed while expending the least amount of energy.

  • Stroke Rate

    Real-time stroke rate information is critical to improving your performance and also helps determine which paddle and board are right for you.

  • SUP-Specific Calorie Burn

    The SpeedCoach SUP 2 now features NK’s propriety measurement of energy expenditure displayed as both total calories burned per hour.

    Learn More »
  • Heart Rate

    Pair the unit with a compatible optional heart rate belt to enable heart rate monitoring and logging. The heart rate measurement also provides an even more accurate energy expenditure reading. Learn More »


  • Programmable Workouts

    Program your workout right on the unit based on time or distance.

    Learn More »
  • Wireless Data Transfer & Review

    Wirelessly transfer just go and workout interval data to PC or Mac for viewing and storage.

    Learn More »
  • On-Unit Data Recall

    Data recall tied to workout sessions for an in-depth review of pieces on the water.

  • Two Flex Fields

    Determine what real-time measurements are important to you and display them in the two bottom flex fields.

  • Wirelessly Upgradeable Firmware

    The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is built on a modular and expandable platform. As new features and firmware updates are released, use the LiNK application to upgrade or update your unit.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable battery lasts multiple sessions.

  • Clock

  • Auto Backlight

    Get more out of your early morning and late-night paddles with proper lighting.

SpeedCoach SUP 2 with

Training Pack

Take your paddling to the next level! The Training Pack software now comes standard and adds programmable workouts, detailed on-unit data recall, heart rate and wireless data transfer via LiNK™.

Programmable Workouts

Program your workout right on the unit based on time or distance. Workouts are easy to set up, save and run. This unit comes pre-programmed with 5 editable workouts. Get the most out of your training plans by programming them into your SpeedCoach.

Wireless Data Transfer

Transfer data via LiNK to your PC or Mac for review. Export data as a CSV file to Excel for more detailed analysis and charting options. Or export data as a FIT file to enable transfer to most third-party training websites, such as Endomondo, Strava, and Training Peaks. Map your paddling course, share your results with friends or coaches via Facebook and Twitter, and even challenge your fellow paddlers to a battle to improve on your results.

Log & Track Your Performance with LiNK

Download LiNK for Windows or LiNK for Mac OS X
  • 1

    Wirelessly transfer 'just go' and workout interval data to PC or Mac for viewing and storage

  • 2

    Export data to charting and analysis programs, such as Excel, via CSV.

  • 3

    Export data to FIT file format to enable transfer to any FIT-compatible third-party websites, such as Endomondo of Strava



The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is the only product on the market with a SUP-specific calorie equation. No other performance monitor offers an equation based on the precise motions of stand-up paddling.The experts at NK have partnered with researchers from the University of Montana to bring SUP paddlers an equation that takes into account three distinct SUP profiles based on different levels of paddling techniques and energy expenditure based on oxygen consumption.

The NK SUP-Specific Calorie equation gives you a real-time accurate answer to the question, "How many calories did I burn during that SUP workout? Learn More »

View Nk’s Calorie study video here

SpeedCoach SUP 2

Training Plans

NK has partnered with Mick Di Betta, head of Paddle Power Training, and Chase Kosterlitz, SUPAA President and author of SUP Training the Smart Way, to offer free beginner SUP training plans.

These plans are designed to work cohesively with your SpeedCoach SUP2 with Training Pack, and we have outlined each workout in a way that can be easily programmed into your SpeedCoach. The information and workouts included in these training plans will be beneficial to paddlers of all levels. From seasoned racer to beginning paddler, customize a plan that works for your needs.

We hope these tools help you train with confidence and get you successfully across the finish line!


Reviews & Testimonials

  • Renick W

    “I use the SUP SpeedCoach all the time. The first one was great, and the second one is even better! Nielsen-Kellerman kept all the reasons I loved the first edition and added great new features. You can now program in intervals and upload your data after your workout! As always, it has fast feedback per stroke, the big screen to actually read numbers and speed as you paddle, and the light for night/morning paddles. I could go on and on about other things that make it great, but I'll keep it short. The SpeedCoach is hands-down a very solid piece of equipment, and if you're serious about paddling and improving, it should be a tool in your arsenal. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better GPS out there.”

  • Joel & Coli

    J “I really enjoy using the Speedcoach SUP 2 for training and racing with Coli. She enjoys checking our speeds to make sure we're on track while we're tandem SUP training and racing. Best of all is when she glances at the display, notices improvement, and lets out a soundquake of excitement mid-paddle stroke!”

    C "I like knowing what speeds we're going. The Speedcoach keeps me on track, and we don't have to slow down like we used to when daddy used to check his watch."

  • Chuck G

    “Thanks, NK, for the technology to be able to read the data while paddling to find better currents during a race”

  • Distressed Mullet

    The first generation SpeedCoach SUP was great, and NK solicited a lot of feedback for the new version. Here is where it gets really crazy…they actually listened. The bottom line is NK hit a home run with the new version.”

    Read The Full Review Here »

Speed Matters. Stroke Counts. Buy Now.

Train smarter, improve your performance, and stay fit with the only training and fitness tool built specifically for SUP.
The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is designed and built in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty.

SpeedCoach SUP 2 Features
Wireless Data Transfer
off-unit data review
Programmable workouts
heart rate belt compatible
total calories
Calories / Hour
LiNK Upgrade
Improved data recall
25x Expanded memory
distance per stroke
stroke count
stroke rate
elapsed time
avg. speed
automatic backlight

SpeedCoach SUP 2


NK's SpeedCoach SUP 2

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Included in Package
  • USB-A Charging Dock
  • Lanyard
  • NK Life Preserver Float
  • Quick-Wrap Mounting Strap
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer Battery
  • SpeedCoach GPS Protective Bumper
  • SpeedCoach SUP 2
Water ResistanceWaterproof (IP67, NEMA-6).
Programmable WorkoutsProgram your workout right on the unit based on time or distance. Workouts are easy to set up, save and run. Unit comes pre-programmed with 6 editable workouts. (Training Pack Only)
Wireless Data Transmit/ReceiveWirelessly transfer JustGo and workout interval data to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android for viewing and storage. (Training Pack only)
Data Transfer
  • Transfer data via LiNK for Windows or OS X to your computer or the NK LiNK app for iOS or Android for interval review.
  • Export data as a CSV file to Excel or a FIT file for your 3rd party training site for more detailed analysis
    Control Unit Weight5.3 oz (150 g) with bumper
    Unit Weight7.2 oz with quick-wrap mount
    Display Dimensions3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 in (92 x 67 x 31 mm)
    BuoyancyDoes Not Float ( Use NK foam float.)
    DisplayHigh contrast, sunlight readable monochrome liquid crystal display with 400 x 240 resolution and large, clear numerals.
    BacklightLED backlight illuminates the display in low-light conditions and triggers automatically when needed.
    ControlsFour soft-touch buttons, large primary start/stop/clear button.
    Battery TypeOne rechargeable Lithium-Poly battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life (backlight dependent).
    Battery Life ExpectancyBattery can be expected to last 300 full charge/discharge cycles. The expected cycles increase greatly for partial charge/discharge. After 300 cycles, expected capacity is 80% of original.
    Power ConservationAuto-off after 8 minutes of inactivity (no button presses or movement).
    ComplianceThe SpeedCoach OC conforms with Council Directive 2004/108/EC (december 15, 2004) on electromagnetic compatibility and is CE-marked accordingly
    EnvironentalThe SpeedCoach OC is RoHS (reduction of hazardous substances) compliant and marked in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment) directive. Please do not dispose of the unit or battery in your household trash. Return to NK, an NK dealer or a designated recycling center for proper recycling and disposal.
    CaseImpact-resistant polycarbonate case with sealed acrylic window. Sun and saltwater resistant.
    Warranty Period2 Year Warranty
    Average Split/Speed GPS 00:00.00 0 - 00:00.00 Average speed over the course of a race or training interval, updated every stroke. May be displayed as either speed (meters per second, km/hour, or miles/hour) or split (time for 00 meters). GPS speed smoothing from 1-stroke to 8-strokes (Note: Speed should be read as land speed since it is measured by GPS)
    Average Split/Speed Impeller 00:00.00 0 - 00:00.00 rolling average
    Average Stroke Rate 000 ½ 6 - 99 1/2 Average strokes per minute over the course of a race or training interval, updated every stroke. Autostart is initiated with the first stroke when SpeedCoach is set to “Ready.”
    Calories 0000 0 - 9999
    Calories per Hour 0000 0 - 9999 NK’s proprietary measurement of energy expenditure. Displayed as either total calories or calories burned per hour. (learn more link to calorimeter study?
    Cumulative Splits 00:00:00 0 - 00:00.00 Total elapsed time since the start of a race or training interval.

    SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

    Here is guidance on how to submit an order and sending a tax exempt form to apply to that order.

    This tutorial shows how to automatically sync your uploaded sessions in NK LiNK Logbook directly to Strava.

    LiNK (NKSports)

    a detail listing of all changes made to the NK LiNK software

    Use the NK LiNK Logbook app to view your workout data on an Android device.

    Use the NK LiNK Logbook app to view your workout data on an iOS device.

    SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Downloads

    Material Data Safety Sheet for the Lithium Ion battery used in a SpeedCoach GPS/SUP/OC unit


    Example SUP data that can be exported from SpeedCoach SUP Model 2 as a CSV file

    SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Instruction Manuals

    SpeedCoach SUP & SpeedCoach SUP with Heart Rate Belt Instruction Manual

    SpeedCoach SUP Model 2 Includes Training Pack Installation, Basic Operations, Setup Menu, Advanced Setup, Specifications, Menu Navigation, Memory, GPS Function and Accuracy, Workouts, Impeller Calibration, Battery Use and Charging

    Visit our support page for FAQ and more.