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How should I properly mount the GPS SUP2 unit to my board?

For the best mounting results, you should choose a spot on your paddle board approximately 2 to 3 feet ahead of where you would stand on the board. You will want to choose a spot where the mounting plate is flush to the deck. You will also want to ensure that the SpeedCoach will be clear of your paddle blade when switching hands and does not force you to look DOWN and alter your paddling form. After choosing a mounting location, clean this location with the provided alcohol swabs to remove all dirt and debris from the board. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate from the board. Unclip the mounting plate from the SpeedCoach bracket. Remove the paper liner from the mounting plate tape. Press down and hold the mounting plate in the chosen mounting location for at least 30 seconds. IMPORTANT! Wait at least 12 hours before clipping the SpeedCoach bracket into the mounting plate or attaching the SpeedCoach unit. Next attach the NK foam float to your SpeedCoach in your preferred way. You may use the provided keychain, running it under the lanyard bar on the side AWAY FROM the battery contacts. Or you may pass a loop of the lanyard through the float hole and double it back.