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What is LiNK for OSX

We have released the LiNK software for transferring, viewing and exporting data files from the Training Pack versions of the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2, SpeedCoach OC 2, and SpeedCoach SUP 2

We are asking you to download it, start using it, and most importantly, help us prioritize our ongoing development by telling us what features and capabilities you most want us to add.

Note: This program is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

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What can you do with LiNK for OSX?

  • Wirelessly transfer "just go" and workout interval data to Mac for viewing and storage.
  • Export data to charting and analysis programs, such as Excel, via CSV.
  • Export data to FIT file format to enable transfer to third-party websites, such as Endomondo, Strava and any FIT-compatible site. These sites enable you to view your workout or race on detailed maps, share your results with friends or coaches, and even compare your results with others.


To view sample "Just Go" and Workout data files please see below

Note: FIT files need to be opened through a third-party sites such as Endomondo or Strava. 

Latest Firmware Update:

Information on past firmware updates.

Please note: For up to date firmware you only need to install the most recent firmware update

This is guidance on how to update your SpeedCoach firmware with LiNK for OS/X (MAC). NOTE: The process has changed with release of firmware 2.22

Version 2.22. Note the process has CHANGED on how to do the updates. See Included instructions

Release notes for SpeedCoach GPS, SUP & OC (Version 2.22) - 10/15/19

Steps for updating your SpeedCoach unit:

  1. Open LiNK and click the "Help" tab.  Select "Update Your SpeedCoach" and click on the URL listed in Step 1.
  2. Run/install the executable file to load the new firmware files to your computer.
  3. Set the SpeedCoach unit in "Data LiNK Mode." Once in Data LiNK mode, your unit will appear in the LiNK application. Select your unit and you will be notified that a new update is available. Click "Yes" to update.

For a visual of these steps, see below.

LiNK Support:

We have created in-depth videos to walk you through each step required to install LiNK, install the wireless data transfer dongle, update your SpeedCoach, and begin using LiNK.  We strongly recommend you watch all five of these videos before beginning the process!

1. How to Download and Install LiNK for OS X:

2. How to Update your Firmware with LiNK for OS X:

3. How to Export and Review Data in LiNK for OS X:

4. How to Upgrade your SpeedCoach GPS Unit for OS X: