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Why is my heart rate belt giving me erratic readings or showing “---“ for my heart rate?

If you are sure that your belt is paired but is either not showing a heart rate or showing an erratic heart rate, it may be one of a couple issues. First if you are getting “---“ make sure there is enough moisture on the heart rate belt’s rubber contacts against your body. Very dry skin may not be enough to create enough of an electrical connection to get a proper reading. Secondly, if these rubber contacts are dirty, this can also cause a problem. Our suggestion is to use mild soap and water and clean the belt occasionally to help prevent dirt build-up. Finally if neither of these suggestions help with your issue, the problem is most likely related to corrosion in the heart rate belt buckle contacts. Please see the document below to clean these contacts to help restore proper connectivity.

A quick solution to fixing a heart rate belt that is displaying erratic readings