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What is LiNK for iOS

We have released the LiNK software for transferring, viewing and exporting data files from the Training Pack versions of the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2, SpeedCoach OC 2, and SpeedCoach SUP 2

The NK LiNK for iOS app connects to your SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 to download workout data to your iOS device. View your performance over 100m/.1mi/30s intervals inside the app, and also export selected sessions to .fit or .csv format. Import your .fit files into Strava, Endomondo, Training Peaks and other popular workout logging and mapping programs, or open your .csv files in Excel or other spreadsheet applications to see the full stroke by stroke details of the session. All downloaded sessions are saved on your smart device allowing you to safely clear your SpeedCoach memory and record new sessions.

Download NK LiNK for iOS

Quick Look

  • Download, view and analyze SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 workout data down to the interval level inside the LiNK application
  • Export selected workouts to .csv or .fit format and email or save for record keeping and analysis
  • Get alerted to available firmware updates for your SPC and install them wirelessly


  • Bluetooth® low energy required in your smart device for connectivity. Requires iOS 8.0 or later on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 must be placed into “Data LiNK” mode to connect. Bluetooth must be enabled on your mobile device as well.
  • To enable wireless firmware updates via the LiNK app, the SpeedCoach must be at firmware version 2.11 or higher. If your SpeedCoach is presently at a lower firmware version, you will need to connect to desktop LiNK for OSX or Windows using the dongle to perform your first firmware update, and will be able to use the mobile app for wireless updates thereafter.

SpeedCoach Compatibility:

  • Compatible with SpeedCoach GPS 2, SpeedCoach SUP 2, and SpeedCoach OC 2.
  • Training Pack is required to download stored sessions. Non-Training Pack units can connect to the mobile app to update their firmware if they have fw version 2.11 or later.

Example Screen Shots:

View all downloaded workout sessions. Easily selectable to export or review in app

In app interval review



Interval detail reviewable down to the 100m/.1mi/30sec

Device Compatibility:

  • Firmware: iOS versions 8 and higher.
  • Hardware: iPhone 4s onward, iPad 3rd generation onward, iPod Touch 5th generation onward.