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SpeedCoach GPS 2 quick start Guide for Stand Up Paddling (SUP) or OC

  1. Turn on the unit when you get outside.
  2. Allow for up to 3 minutes for the GPS to get a satellite lock.
  3. Enter your Profile Information. Main Menu->Setup->Profile.
  4. (If applicable) Pair your heart rate belt to your unit. Main Menu->Setup->HRM Setup->Pair HRM
  5. Select Speed/Distance Setup: Split or Speed. Main Menu->Setup->Speed/Distance Setup.
  6. Go back to the main screen. Adjust the flex (bottom) windows by using the up and down buttons to change the measurements shown to your personal preferences.
  7. Before rowing, press the Power button once to set the unit into “Ready” mode.
  8. Start your paddle.
  9. If you want to take a rest, press the power button to put unit in STOP mode.
  10. Press the power button to put the unit back in READY mode when ready to resume.
  11. Once completed with the paddle, hold the power button until “Reset” appears to save your rowing session (Please note: session will also be saved if the unit powers off).