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Why can I not download session data to my computer?

First please make sure that you have the training pack version installed on your unit. The training pack is required for downloading data sessions to a computer. You can review this on your SpeedCoach unit by going to the Main Menu->About and note if Options reads “Training Pack”. While on this screen, please review that you have firmware version 2.04 or higher. If you have a firmware version below, 2.04, please update your firmware per the instructions.

Next please make sure that the computer is picking up the dongle correctly. When you open up the LiNK application, the very bottom left of the application window should say “Searching for SpeedCoaches.” If the application instead says “Searching for dongle”, then you will need to troubleshoot the Bluetooth dongle. There is help here to install the Bluetooth driver

Once you have verified the above and have connected to your SpeedCoach, please first ensure there is data sessions stored on the unit. If you recently upgraded the firmware, you may have erased all the data sessions. Otherwise, please just be patient with the program. We have found that on some Windows computers, data transfer takes a long time (up to 30 minutes in the worst cases). Some of this can be alleviated from disabling other Bluetooth devices, but sometimes anti-virus and other programs can delay this transfer. The data session will transfer eventually though, if program is saying “Not Responding”. The program should eventually alleviate the issue and transfer the data.