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How do I know what catch and finish angles to aim for? Are there optimal values?

There are rough guidelines for what to expect (-65 and +40 for sculling, -55 and 33 for sweep), but no "perfect angles" for every situation. Angles will differ based on unchangeable variables, such as sweep vs. sculling and the height and arm span of the athlete, and changeable ones, such as rowing style, foot stretcher location, spread/gearing, and inboard. In fact, knowing angles is what allows coaches and athletes to adjust and test these variable parameters. The goal is having each athlete hit angles that maximize their effectiveness, and in team boats, having all athletes hit the same angles as closely as possible. The other measurements provided by the EmPower Oarlock assist you in making these evaluations: slip, wash, length and effective length, as well as trial and error combined with assessing the results.

Our partners at BioRow have been measuring athletes and compiling representative data for over twenty years. This Oarlock Reference Values Table summarizes representative ranges for many of the values provided by the EmPower Oarlock.

Representative Oarlock Values by Class and Skill Levels