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I did a paddle workout today and I noticed the distance being measure was clearly off. I know this because I stuck to 2 turning points, each being about .7 miles apart. So basically, I was just going back and forth along the same course. I noticed after m

Hello Greg,

The SpeedCoach GPS is measuring land based distance as opposed to water based. So if you have any type of current, you could see differences in the distance. Do you know if the distance was off coming back the other way? I would expect it to possibly be off by the reverse of what you saw going the other way.

You mention that you wait a little after turning it on, this is good. You want to make sure the satellite icon goes from unfilled to filled in, before starting you paddle. There is no real calibration on these units to do. The thing i would have you check however is the satellite coverage you are getting. If you go outside and turn on the SPC, go to Main Menu->Setup->Advanced->Diagnostics. Scroll to the GPS Diagnostic screen. See how many satellites you are getting after a few minutes.

As for the black plug, this is just extra protection for the SpeedCoach as they do not float. The idea is to attach it to the board and run the lanyard through it. That way if the SPC gets knocked by the paddle from the mount, it will not go into the water. And we recommend leaving the float on the lanyard as well.