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Heart Rate Belt for SpeedCoach® GPS / SUP / OC Model 2

Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2, SpeedCoach SUP 2 or SpeedCoach OC 2. Dual radio allows this belt to connect to a SpeedCoach Model 2 and an ANT+/Garmin watch simultaneously. Also compatible with mobile phone apps, Peloton(R) Bike or Tred, and any other Bluetooth LE device. (Only one Bluetooth LE device can be connected at a time.)
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Please note: To use this heart rate belt with a SpeedCoach GPS 2, SpeedCoach SUP 2 or SpeedCoach OC 2, the SpeedCoach unit must have the optional training pack installed.

Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2/ SUP / OC Model 2 with Training Pack. 

  • Wirelessly transmits heart rate data via Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+ (simultaneously)
  • Compatible with LiNK - NK's connected environment of apps, web analytics and sensors. 
  • Pairs with SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 and SUP Model 2 / OC 2
  • Also compatible with other Bluetooth Low Energy ready or ANT+ devices.
  • This belt is NOT compatible with SpeedCoach GPS Model 1 or SpeedCoach XL products.
Unit Weight.10 lbs

LiNK (NKSports)

NK LiNK version 1.32 for Windows

Use the NK LiNK Logbook app to view your workout data on an Android device.

Use the NK LiNK Logbook app to view your workout data on an iOS device.

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

Comparison of SpeedCoach Model 2 Units: Rowing vs SUP vs OC

A quick solution to fixing a heart rate belt that is displaying erratic readings

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Downloads


Example of exported CSV file from SpeedCoach Model 2. Does not include oarlock data.

Version 2.22 - 10/15/19 Fixes issue where certain Android devices could not pair to Live Stream data with LiNK Logbook.

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Instruction Manuals

SpeedCoach and SpeedCoach with Heart Rate Belt Instruction Manual

SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 Includes Training Pack Upgrade, Installation, Basic Operations, Setup Menu, Advanced Setup, Specifications, Menu Navigation, Memory, GPS Function and Accuracy, Workouts, Impeller Calibration, Battery Use and Charging

SpeedCoach SUP & SpeedCoach SUP with Heart Rate Belt Instruction Manual

SpeedCoach Interface Upload Software Instructions

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Wiring

SpeedCoach Impeller Only Wiring Installation. Applicable to SpeedCoach GPS and OC units.

SpeedCoach Wiring Installation Instructions including seat sensor. Applicable to SpeedCoach XL, Red and Gold.

Product Questions

When you update the firmware on your GPS unit, the heart rate belt will need to be re-paired. You will also lose all session data currently on the unit.

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Yes. If you purchased a heart rate belt with your SpeedCoach GPS 1, it will work with your SpeedCoach GPS 2. Please note that the GPS 2 belt will NOT work with the GPS 1 unit however.

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  • GPS 1 / SUP 1:NK no longer carries a heart rate belt that works with the SpeedCoach GPS 1. The Wahoo Tickr model is the best choice to use if your original belt no longer works (Please Note: not the Tickr X model however).
  • GPS 2 / SUP 2 / OC 2: Any heart rate belt that connects with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) should work.
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If you are sure that your belt is paired but is either not showing a heart rate or showing an erratic heart rate, it may be one of a couple issues. First if you are getting “---“ make sure there is enough moisture on the heart rate belt’s rubber contacts against your body. Very dry skin may not be enough to create enough of an electrical connection to get a proper reading. Secondly, if these rubber contacts are dirty, this can also cause a problem. Our suggestion is to use mild soap and water and clean the belt occasionally to help prevent dirt build-up. Finally if neither of these suggestions help with your issue, the problem is most likely related to corrosion in the heart rate belt buckle contacts. Please see the document below to clean these contacts to help restore proper connectivity.

A quick solution to fixing a heart rate belt that is displaying erratic readings

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Training Pack adds the following features:

  • Programmable workouts
  • Ability to upload session data to a PC, Mac or Android or iOS device
  • Heart rate capable with Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate belts
  • Ability to connect to EmPower Oarlock (Rowing model only)
  • Ability to Live Stream data when paired to a mobile device
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To change the battery on your heart rate belt, please see this document:

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For the best success of pairing your heart rate belt with the SpeedCoach, remove the heart rate buckle from the belt and rub the silver contacts with your thumbs. This should put the heart rate belt into rapid pairing mode. Make sure the SpeedCoach is in pairing mode as well and it should pick up the heart rate belt really quickly. If using your thumbs is not working, then please try replacing the battery in the heart rate belt and try again

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