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CoxBox 101: How to Time Pieces and Store Data

We get many questions from new coxswains about how to use the CoxBox on the water. Here is a short how-to guide to get you started:

How do I clear the CoxBox screen?

To clear the screen, first make sure the timer is stopped (if it’s running, press the START—STOP button to stop it), then press and hold the STORE SPLIT button. When you press the STORE SPLIT button, "C L E A r" will appear on the screen; keep pressing until "C L E A r" disappears and you see "00:00.0".

NOTE: Clearing the screen also clears the memory.

How do I start the timer?

After clearing the screen, the timer is zeroed and stopped. Press the START-STOP button once. "READY" appears to the right of "00:00.0" and "STOP" disappears. Now the timer will start when stroke seat begins rowing. (If you want to time a drill that starts with the stern pair out, or arms only, simply have the stroke move his or her seat up and down the slide until the timer starts.)

NOTE: The timer is triggered when the magnet underneath stroke’s seat passes over the sensor on the boat deck. This keeps the coxswain’s hands free for steering at the start of a piece, and provides more precise timing when rowing side-by-side with other boats.

Timer, stroke rate, and stroke count will keep running until stopped. The timer will run to 59:59.99 then roll back to 0.

How do I record the information I see on the screen?

The CoxBox automatically records the stroke rate every ten seconds while the timer is running. You can record a snapshot of the information you see on the screen, including exact time, stroke rate and stroke count for the piece, without stopping the timer by pressing the STORE SPLIT button while the timer is running. The screen will freeze for five seconds so you can read it, but the clock will continue to run internally. A snapshot of the information on the screen also gets recorded when you stop the timer, but all the memory is deleted if you clear the screen.

NOTE: The stroke count will run to 999 then roll back to 0. The stroke rate will be stored in memory automatically every 10 seconds for 59:59.99. Stroke rate information is an instantaneous snapshot, not averaged.

How do I view the recorded information?

To view the recorded information, first make sure the timer is stopped (if it’s still running, press the START-STOP button). Press the RECALL-MEMORY button to access the memory, then the STORE-SPLIT button to move forward through the piece in ten-second increments, or the RECALL-MEMORY button to go backward through the piece. Press and hold the RECALL-MEMORY button to get back to the timer.

For more information, visit our CoxBox Support page or download the CoxBox Manual.

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This article was a collaborative effort between NK Rowing and Click on the link to read a great introduction by Rowsource editor Rachel Freedman.

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