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  1. Using the EmPower Oarlock to Sync Catches in Team Boats

    We reached out to Matt Muffelman, coach of the 2017 Men's LW 4-, to see how he was using the Oarlocks in practice. His advice should be helpful to anyone looking to improve catch timing in team boats. Read more...
  2. Watts on Watts: Interval Training with Power

    On-the-water power meters became widely accessible to rowers with the launch of the EmPower Oarlock in late 2016; but now that we can get one, what do we do with it?

  3. The Greatest Eight?

    The Greatest Eight?

    The last major international regatta was FISA World Championships in Sarasota, FL at the end of September. It was so recent, some of the international rowers haven’t even gone home yet.

    Five of the six women who competed against each other in the 1x A-Final in Sarasota will be racing as boat mates in this year’s Great Eight at the Head of the Charles. Three of the six men who raced against each other in their 1x A-final will also be teaming up.

  4. Finding the Boatmovers

    Finding the Boatmovers

    Until recently, the most accurate metric for on-the-water performance has been the 500-meter split. It makes sense: races are measured in time over distance, so why not measure practice pieces the same way?

    If the goal is to improve an athlete’s performance, a logical requirement is to be able to accurately measure that performance. The biggest problem with using splits to gauge improvement is that boat speed doesn’t just depend on the athlete’s input; it’s also affected by numerous other factors including current, wind, weight, and rigging.

  5. "Working" My Core with the EmPower Oarlock

    By Alix James

    I've been working through the real-time measurements available with my EmPower Oarlock connected to my SpeedCoach GPS – exploring the relationships between my rowing stroke and what the numbers on the screen are telling me. I'm lucky enough to row with a coach on a somewhat regular basis as part of Vesper Boat Club's master's program, so I have a very good idea of the many, many ways I need to improve. It has been really interesting seeing what values give me feedback that seems to match up to good rowing.

  6. Oarlock Q&A with Michael Naughton

    Michael Naughton, the Director of Product Management here at NK, sat down to answer two frequently asked questions about the new Empower Oarlock.

  7. Getting Your Rigging Right: How the EmPower Oarlock Helps

    Getting Your Rigging Right: How the EmPower Oarlock Helps by Alix James; photography by Bálint Czucz

    I've been spending lots of time in team sculling boats the last two seasons, so I loaned my personal single to an aspiring elite in our boathouse. She just got a new boat, so I got mine back full time, but she and her coach had made major changes to the rigging to suit her. Time to re-rig my boat for me – always a challenge!

  8. Length and Effective Length Are Not The Same Thing

    Sander Roosendaal, Czech masters rower and data guru, created a rowing analytics platform that incorporates data from many on-the-water and off-the-water devices, including the NK SpeedCoach and EmPower Oarlock. The free to use platform and Sander's insights into his own rowing data are available on the Rowsandall website.

  9. Layback Metrics: EmPower Oarlocks and the Science of Finishing Strong

    Layback Metrics: EmPower Oarlocks and the Science of Finishing Strong Photo Credit: Kevin Light Photography

    As with everything else in rowing, layback is a balance. Too little and you miss out on valuable length; too much and you waste effort, create technical stroke problems, and put undue stress on your lower back. This leads to the obvious question: what is the perfect amount of layback?

  10. We Put EmPower Oarlocks in a Collegiate 8+ for One Hour and This is What Happened

    We Put EmPower Oarlocks in a Collegiate 8+ for One Hour and This is What Happened

    The 8+ beat its previous time by nearly a boat length over 2,000 meters. Same stroke length, same rating, same power. Here’s how:


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