NK SUP Training Plans

Whether you're looking to place first in a paddling race, or simply improve your stand up paddling technique and speed, it is important to start off with a plan. In order to provide you with all of the tools needed to achieve your goals, NK has partnered with Mick Di Betta, head of Paddle Power Training and Chase Kosterlitz, SUPAA President and author of SUP Training the Smart Way, to offer free beginner SUP training plans.

These plans are designed to work cohesively with your SpeedCoach SUP 2 with Training Pack, and we have outlined each workout in a way that can be easily programmed into your SpeedCoach unit. By utilizing the SpeedCoach as a SUP training tool, you allow yourself to focus on your paddling performance and workout, while the SpeedCoach monitors your distance, speed, glide, heart rate and stroke rate. This crucial performance data is visible real-time during your workout and can also be uploaded to a computer for post-workout review.

In addition to a detailed stand up paddling training program, these plans provide paddle boarding tips that can help you improve your form to help you paddle harder, faster and more efficiently so you can be prepared for your next SUP race!

Chase Kosterlitz

In five years of SUP competition Chase Kosterlitz has multiple championship titles and many wins across the United States and around the world. Chase is currently ranked 13th in the world according to the SUP Racer World Rankings.

Chase is the founder and president of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association where he enjoys helping SUP racing grow through athlete and race official educational programs.

Visit SUPathletes.com for more detailed training programs and free SUP training and racing tips. You can also reach chase at info@supathletes.com.

Website: www.supathletes.com/sup-training-the-smart-way/

Email: info@supathletes.com

Mick Di Betta

Mick Di Betta has been involved in ocean related sports all of his life. He is a multiple time Australian and World Champion in Surf Life Saving. Along with his personal successes he has also coached a large number of other competitors to Australian and World titles in Ironman and Board Paddling Events. He is also an accredited Level 3 surf coach. Mick was the inaugural world champion Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard winner, and has been a consistent top 10 finisher in that race for the last 19 years. He has also been involved in the coaching of many successful athletes in this crossing, most notably 10 time winner Jamie Mitchell. Many of the top 10 paddlers in the world currently follow his training programs. Many of the top 10 male and female athletes in last year’s Battle of the Paddle currently use his programs. His training programs also cater to every level of paddlers. He is passionate about his coaching and is always seeking to improve and refine his programs to allow users to receive maximum benefits and produce optimum performances.

Website: www.paddlepowertrainer.com

Email: info@paddlepowertrainer.com