Audio System Maintenance Kit

This is a must have for every boathouse. A small investment with big returns!

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Over the years, we’ve seen that CoxBoxes and microphones receiving regular maintenance offer a big improvement in life-span, performance and repair frequency. This small kit, packed in a waterproof bag, contains all the tools you need to take care of your CoxBox and microphone! Along with full pictorial instructions for maintenance of the CoxBox, Microphone and speaker harness connections, this kit is a must-have for every boathouse.The small investment in this kit will offer big returns in the condition of your equipment.

Audio System Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • Tube of Nyogel (0.88oz/0.25gm)
  • Ten foam swabs
  • Two wire cleaning brushes
  • Four 3 1/4 inch pipe cleaners
  • Small waterproof carry bag

Watch this video to learn how to clean and care for you CoxBox!

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CoxBox Maintenance Kit

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