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The Greatest Eight?

The Greatest Eight?

The last major international regatta was FISA World Championships in Sarasota, FL at the end of September. It was so recent, some of the international rowers haven’t even gone home yet.

Five of the six women who competed against each other in the 1x A-Final in Sarasota will be racing as boat mates in this year’s Great Eight at the Head of the Charles. Three of the six men who raced against each other in their 1x A-final will also be teaming up.

The fastest individual rowers on the planet will be navigating the world’s most competitive, technically challenging head race as a team. And as they have for the past five years, the great eights will also be using the latest equipment:

Great Eight crews will be racing HUDSON USP hulls with Concept2 oars. The USP hulls feature the latest in boat technology, carbon rigging and component innovations. Each Concept2 oar is custom-built, whether it is for Great Eight, youth, collegiate or masters athletes. Concept2 CTS will also be on site to help competitors with any racing oar repairs and service. HUDSON provides a dedicated support team for both crews based out of the SHARK Zone adjacent to the main expo tent.

In addition to the using the latest in boat and oar technology from their sponsors, HUDSON and Concept2 CTS, each crew will be equipped with a full set of EmPower Oarlocks from NK. All 16 rowers will be able to see information about their stroke length, blade engagement and power in real time on individual SpeedCoach GPS units mounted to the boat.

After the race NK will look at the data from the oarlocks to get some insight into the personal and team performance of two of the fastest composite crews ever. Will the rowers blend well, or will their individual styles work against each other? What is the ideal ratio of length and power on each side for a perfect turn through the Weeks Footbridge?

The races are provisionally scheduled for Sunday, October 22 at 1:48 p.m. (Men) and 2:22 p.m. (Women). If you’re unable to attend in person, check back at the Head Of The Charles website for details on live webcasting. 2017 Great Eight lineups Video: FISA World Championships Women’s 1x Final Video: FISA World Championships Men’s 1x Final

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