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Customizing the Windows on Your SpeedCoach Screen

The home screen on the SpeedCoach GPS II has four windows. The default settings for these windows are, from top left going clockwise, stroke rate, 500m split, elapsed time, and distance traveled.

SpeedCoach GPS II Metrics:

Metrics on the default home screen:
Stroke Rate, 500m Split, Elapsed Time, Distance

Metrics that can be switched with the ones on the default screen:
Stroke Count, Average 500m Split, Distance/Stroke

Each of the four windows on the home screen can be adjusted to show any metric.

Bottom Windows

To change the bottom left window, press the up button (second from the left) to scroll though the metrics. To change the bottom right window, press the down button (second from the right) to scroll through the metrics.

Top Windows

To change either of the top windows, go to the home screen and press the return button to get to the main menu, then select


> "Display Setup…"

> "Classic Setup…"

> "Window 1" or "Window 2"

Then press return again to highlight the tab with the metric you want to change. Use the up and down buttons to scroll through the different options.

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