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Support for CoxBox 08 Ending Soon — Transition Now to Improved Technology

Support for CoxBox 08 Ending Soon — Transition Now to Improved Technology

Beginning July 01, 2024, Nielsen-Kellerman (NK Sports) will cease repairs for the CoxBox 08 model. We remain committed to offering the best rowing and sports performance equipment and customer service. Many CoxBox 08 repairs require a new board. NK Sports will soon be unable to make the boards because of obsolete parts. We have several solutions for CoxBox 08 owners, including an incentive to upgrade now to the latest technology.

Introduced in 2008, the CoxBox 08 (also known as CoxBox 4) was the first CoxBox with a removable but watertight battery, revolutionizing charging and enhancing utility on the water. It has been surpassed by the CoxBox GPS, but some CoxBox 08s are still in use, providing clear voice amplication for Coxswains.

Options available – what you can do

Check your boathouse now to see if you have one or more CoxBox 08 and their condition. If you are not sure what model you have, check the navigation buttons. The CoxBox 08 has an on/off volume nob on the bottom right and three small individual buttons on the top.

To be sure, pull up the website and take a good look at the CoxBox GPS vs. yours.

If you have a CoxBox 08, your choices are:

  1. Send now for a final fix. Repairs on CoxBox 08 are possible up to June 30, 2024. They cost $299. Submit an online Service Request. Repairs are taking longer than usual – please don't wait until the last minute to send in your CoxBox 08.
  2. Trade in, Trade Up with Extra Credit. Until June 30, 2024 get extra credit when you trade in your CoxBox 08 for a CoxBox GPS or Core. Receive $200 off the superior technology. After July 1, 2024, the trade-in credit for a CoxBox 08 drops to $125. The age or condition of your old CoxBox does not matter. It's our way of appreciating your commitment to NK products and helping you transition smoothly to newer technology.
  3. Do nothing, keep using your CoxBox 08 and decide later when you are ready to upgrade. Replacement battery packs for the CoxBox 08 remain available.
Good news if you decide to embrace all the features of the CoxBox GPS: you can keep using your mircrophone, speakers and wires from the old CoxBox. Just plug in and get on the water. Another advantage of the Trade-in Trade-up program is that you get a two-year full warranty on your new CoxBox. There is also a 30-day no-questions-asked return if you change your mind.

Why upgrade

The CoxBox GPS is a significant upgrade. Battery charging time is reduced and the charge holds for 10+ hours compared to about 4 hours with the older model. More important are the features that will enhance your training and improve your crew's competitiveness. Features not available on the CoxBox 08 include monitoring the speed or split of the boat, distance covered, workout timings, and an in-depth performance review. Integrate with the NK LiNK Logbook App so that your coach can see exactly what is happening at any time, plus all the data can be analyzed off the water and compared to past workouts and races.

Decide now

The choice is yours but don't delay. NK Sports is committed to continued innovation and improvement. We are committed to you, our customer, and to supporting rowers, coxswains and coaches to embrace the best in rowing technology and to strive for excellence in every stroke.
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