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Our Values


Our products are designed and engineered to give our customers accurate and reliable measurements. All sales literature and specifications are honest and complete. We stand behind our brands. See for yourself! Our company blog documents not only customer stories and deals, but a behind-the-scenes view of the people and production processes that drive NK. We want you to get to know us - we've got nothing to hide!


NK is a vertically integrated company. We design, manufacture, market, sell, and service all our products. We treat our manufacturing operation as an asset, not a liability and we use this asset to ensure the quality and performance of our products. We're close to our customers, and we use that knowledge to design better products. Every new product team has representatives from sales, service, design and production working together every step of the process to produce a result far better than each department working alone could ever create.


NK approaches every development challenge with a process designed to first create a complete understanding of our customers' needs, including target product value. We then methodically research every technical challenge and identify and test solutions. Finally, we leverage our years of experience and knowledge in designing waterproof, rugged, accurate and easy-to-use products to provide our customers with an innovative solution others have failed to provide. Our goal is a product that is so obviously "right for its job" that the end result seems simple.


We never rest on our achievements. Every single person comes in every day committed to finding at least one way to make our jobs, products and service better. We make dozens of improvements large and small every day. We're grateful for the opportunity, and we have fun!