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Nielsen-Kellerman Launches SpeedCoach OC

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Boothwyn, PA - June 16, 2016

Boothwyn, PA, June 16, 2016 – Nielsen-Kellerman (NK) introduces SpeedCoach OC, a first-of-its-kind performance monitor designed specifically for outrigger canoe training and racing. Using on-board GPS and motion sensors, the SpeedCoach OC provides individual and team paddlers with precise speed, distance and stroke rate measurements that allow targeted training and flawless race plan execution.

NK is the worldwide market leader in performance tools for competitive rowing and stand-up paddleboarding, and brings three decades of experience to making products that work reliably and are easy to see and operate in this tough environment. The SpeedCoach OC is a tailored version of NK's proven SpeedCoach models for rowing and SUP. The base model retails for $399 while the upgraded Training Pack version sells for $449 and provides programmable training intervals, wireless data transfer for off-unit data review and storage, and heart-rate belt compatibility. NK's LiNK wireless data connectivity is built in, providing access to future software updates, sensors and apps. Each SpeedCoach OC comes with an adjustable mount, lanyard, float, carrying case, charger and Bluetooth® low energy USB dongle.

SpeedCoach OC features:

  • Real-Time Measurements – All the data you need to improve and reach fitness and competitive goals including speed, time, stroke rate, distance per stroke, and calories burned (paddling specific formula). It is impeller compatible for water-based measurements.
  • Programmable Workouts – (Training Pack only) Based on time or distance, workouts are easy to set up, save and run. Each unit comes pre-programmed with 6 editable workouts.
  • LiNK – Includes Bluetooth® low energy wireless connectivity to heart rate belts, iOS and Android apps, PCs and Macs. Future LiNK developments will include additional sensors, web analytics, and real-time tracking.

"Each human-powered paddling sport is a little different, and the participants need data and features specific to their sport, as well as mounting options that work in their boats. We've enjoyed getting to know the OC racing community and building a product just for their needs," said Alix James, CEO of NK. "We love turning our US design and manufacturing skills to new sports. And, since we have to get out there and test our products, we have great fun learning while doing it!"

About Nielsen-Kellerman
For more than 35 years, Nielsen-Kellerman has been known worldwide for its waterproof speed measurement, timing, and audio systems for competitive rowers and other water sport athletes. Every NK product is designed, developed, built, tested and supported entirely in the USA. NK is proud to be both a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing and process improvement and an award-winning top workplace. For more information, visit

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