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Interval® 2000 Split/Rate Watch

Determine any crew's stroke rate by pressing a button in time with their catch. Time multiple boats with intuitive chronometer buttons and display. Ergonomic design and simple three-button arrangement make the Interval 2000 easy to use with one hand, leaving the other hand free to steer a launch or bike, or hold a megaphone.
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Store 2000 splits and/or rates in memory:

  • Stores and recalls lap times AND cumulative splits.
  • Stroke rates are stored in memory with the time taken.
  • Segmented memory allows one to store multiple races or workouts for later recall (along with the time and date they were stored).

Save multiple races, pieces or workouts:

  • Simply press the "next segment" button to store data from another race or piece in memory (store up to 2,000 segments).
  • Stored segments are identified by date and time started when recalled.

Rate options:

  • Count 1, 2 or 3 strokes, strides or cycles.
  • View strokes per minute (1/2 stroke resolution) OR seconds per stroke (1/100th second resolutions).

Upload memory data to your computer with the Interval Interface and WatchWare for Windows

  • Docking cradle plugs into serial (com) port. Watch drops onto cradle and communicates optically. Data upload is controlled by data transfer software.
  • Control upload, store data, sort data and review data. Maintain athlete roster and assign split times and rate to individual athletes.
  • Calculate splits for multiple athletes or crews timed in one set or race.
  • Automatically calculate distance per stroke and speed based on pool length or other known distance.

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Included in Package
  • CR2032 Batteries (2)
  • Interval 2000
  • Interval Protective Bumper
  • Lanyard
Memory2000 splits, best and average split, 600+ segments identified by date and time, stroke rate w/time.
Unit Weight2.2 oz (66.369 g).
Display Dimensions1.625 x 1.25 in
Note: Control unit with bumper and lanyard floats
DisplayHigh-contrast monochrome LCD
BacklightBlue/green electroluminescent backlight, auto-on.
Controls5 buttons (3 side, 2 front), tactile and audible response.
Battery Type2 CR2032 (1 display, 1 backlight).
Battery Life Expectancy300+ hours.
CaseInjection-molded polymer case, acrylic lens.
Warranty Period2 Year Warranty
Chronograph 00:00.00 00:00.00 - 59:59.99 Auto roll-over at 1 hour
Cumulative Splits 00:00.0 0 - 9:59:59.59
Lap Times 00:00.00
Seconds Per Stroke 0:00 1/100th sec res
Stroke Rate 000 ½ 1/2 SPM resolution dedicated rate button, multiple rate calucation modes
Time of Day 00:00.00 12 or 24 hour clock

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

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Interval Watch Instruction Manuals

Interval 2000 Split + Rate Watch Instruction Manual

Interval Watchware Software Quick Start Guide

Interval Watch Downloads


Product Questions

Yes. It is important to utilize the cover in order to prevent damage.

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If your display begins to dim, it is time to replace the batteries. REMEMBER all unsaved data will be lost when the batteries are changed.

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The backlight on the Interval 2000 turns on and off automatically whenever the low light sensor is activated by low light conditions or deactivated by high light conditions.

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