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Replacement Bushings for EmPower Wireless Oarlock® Sculling


Replacement bushings for Sculling EmPower Oarlocks.

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Set of 2 replacement bushings for the Sculling EmPower Wireless Oarlocks. Select your bushings from the following sizes for sculling: 7/16in, 1/2in, 13mm. The sweep and sculling bushings are different, so be sure you are selecting the correct ones for your oarlock!

Unit Weight.01 lbs

Empower Oarlock Instruction Manuals

Detailed instructions to Install, Pair, Configure and Calibrate your EmPower Oarlock.

Product Questions

The pins in the calibration tool are removable. It’s okay to temporarily remove them from the bottom of the tool when calibrating. For example, if Pins C&D interfere with the rigger when calibrating using Pins A&B, simple pull out the pins using pliers. Do the reverse when calibrating using Pins C&D.... Permalink