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2020 Virtual HOCR Preparation

Using a SpeedCoach Model 2 with Training Pack to Submit Entries to the 2020 HOCR

Step 1: Row your Piece with a SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 with Training Pack

Note: If you don’t have the Training Pack version you can purchase it here.

Mount your SpeedCoach and make sure you press the top left button to put unit in Ready mode

When you see Ready appear, the SpeedCoach will start recording data on the first detected stroke.

When you are finished rowing a minimum of 4702 meters, hold down the power button until Reset appears and release button to store the session.

Step 2: Import Session to LiNK Logbook Account

Here is a video on how to upload to LiNK Logbook:

On the SpeedCoach, go to the Data LiNK menu option and press the far right button. It should say it is "discoverable".

Open LiNK Logbook and go to Workout Log. Select Import Session.

LiNK Logbook will scan for your device.

When it appears, select it on screen.

The session will then be imported.

Step 3: Export the Session as a .GPX File

Open LiNK Logbook and go to Workout Log. Select Date of Session.

Select the session you would like to export.

Click on the Gear button and select Export.

Select the session you would like to export.

Select the method you would like to export such as email.

Step 4: Submit File to TimeTeam

Save the file to your computer in a place where you can find it again.

Go the RegattaCentral website: or the Time-Team website and locate session import page. Click on the tab to upload GPX File. Navigate to where you saved the GPX file and select it to upload.

TimeTeam will automatically select the fastest 4702 meters if you rowed a longer distance than 4702 meters.

Results will be displayed both on the Time-Team website and RegattaCentral.