Varsity Coxswain Bundle

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A CoxBox and a SpeedCoach GPS 2, plus everything you need to use, charge, transport and maintain them. This is the most comprehensive audio bundle: CoxBox + Rubber Bumper (assorted colors) CoxBox Microphone (also compatible with CoxBox mini and Blue Ocean Megaphone) SpeedCoach GPS 2 (comes with charger and mounting strap) 110-Volt CoxBox Wall Charger for (also compatible with full-sized CoxBox and Blue Ocean Megaphone) Maintenance Kit Gear Bag

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NK Gear Bag   + $42.00
Audio System Maintenance Kit   + $25.00
110 Volt US Charger   + $25.00
Microphone with Headband with the Rubber Connector- CoxBox 08   + $63.00

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Varsity Coxswain Bundle

In stock


    Included in Package
    • Audio System Maintenance Kit
    • Charger
    • CoxBox
    • CoxBox Can Protective Bumper
    • Microphone CB
    • NK Gear Bag
    • Speed/StrokeCoach Protective Bumper
    • SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 with Training Pack

    CoxBox Instruction Manuals

    CoxBox Maintenance Kit

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