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SpeedCoach GPS is not registering stroke rate properly. When rowing at 18/20 it will jump from 18 or 19 to 39/40/41 every few strokes. Additionally, the split will jump from the 2:40s to exactly 3:11 every few strokes as well. Basically the data it is sho

Hello, It appears that the SpeedCoach is picking up more strokes than it should be. Let me ask a few questions to see how you are setup when using it: 1) Does this typically happen on choppier water or do you see it on flat water too? 2) Is the SpeedCoach mounted perpendicular to port and starboard sides? Or is it mounted at an angle? 3) If you go into the SpeedCoach main menu, and go to Setup->Advanced->Stroke Rate Setup, what is the value for Noise Filtering? 4) What type of boat are you using this with? Single, double, quad, 8? Most likely I would suggest upping the Noise Filtering value to a 6 or 7 if it is still at 4. This will help weed out any non-strokes that the unit is detecting and give you more consistent results when rowing. Regards, Joe Racosky