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When Loading LiNK for OS X - V1.30, I get stuck on "Initializing..." and my SpeedCoach never shows up. The only way to resolve this is that I need to Force Quit LiNK and reboot my MAC. PS: I tried to figure out what processes to kill to not need to reboo


It sounds as if the Bluetooth dongle is not being picked up by the program. To resolve this, please try the following:

  1. 1) Remove all the peripherals attached to your MAC.
  2. 2) Turn off the MAC and wait 5 minutes.
  3. 3) Turn on the MAC and reconnect all the peripherals, including the Bluetooth dongle.
  4. 4) Open up the NK LiNK Program. At the bottom of the screen, it should say Searching for SpeedCoaches now instead of Searching for Dongle.
  5. 5) Put your SPC in Data LiNK mode and it should appear.

The issue with the program not re-opening after closing is something we are looking into as we have had other reports. Regards, Joe Racosky