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I'm trying to get NK Live Link for Android (v. 1.1.4) to pair with my Speedcoach GPS2 (SN 2245420, hardware version 11, firmware 2.19, profile version 0.03). I follow the directions here : - Live s

In order for the NK Live LiNK to work with a mobile device, the mobile device needs to be Bluetooth Peripheral capable. This means that the phone can accept pairing from an outside device, such as the SpeedCoach. It is a little tough to tell which phones are able to do this but most of the latest phones can. I believe this is the issue with the Pixel XL however. This device is not designed to have the ability to accept Bluetooth pairings from outside devices. Unfortunately I do not have a fix for this as you will need to try a different device.


Joe Racosky