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I purchased a SpeedCoach GPS in June 2018, with the training package. I have upgraded to firmware release 2.19. The heartbeat monitor is functioning inconsistently, making it unsatisfactory for its intended purpose. Initial outings seemed generally fine,

Hello Thomas,

When you upgraded the unit to 2.19, did you run the firmware installer twice? There is a Bluetooth profile update that runs after the firmware update, so I would run the update a second time to update the Bluetooth profile. You can check your Bluetooth Profile on Main Menu->About->BLE Profile. The latest is BLE Profile Version 0.03. This can help with some heart rate issues.

Next, in all the troubleshooting that you mentioned I didn't read about replacing the battery. Some of the symptoms could be from a weak battery in the heart rate belt. Please try replacing the battery in the heart rate belt and see if that helps. I believe it should be a CR2032 battery but double check.

Lastly I would recommend cleaning the contacts of the heart rate belt buckle. Here is an FAQ on this:

Corrosion can also cause some of the symptoms you describe. I believe between the suggestions above, these should help but let me know if you still having issues.


Joe Racosky