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What is special about it compared to other GPS units?

The SpeedCoach accelerometer and GPS technology have been designed and tested specifically for the Sports Performance markets. The accelerometer has been extensively tested and adjusted over the years to give the most accurate stroke rate possible. Settings can be modified to assist in detecting a novice stroke versus an Olympic caliber athlete’s stroke. Stroke rate is probably a new tool for a lot of paddlers. Think of your stroke rate as your cadence, and your dist/stroke measurement as your glide.

The fact that you can mount this unit to your board lets you get your data without slowing down to look at your watch. The SpeedCoach also uses a 5Hz GPS, which means it talks to satellites 5x/second, giving you a more accurate and responsive speed and distance reading. Most GPS watches only check in with satellites 1x/second, which explains that slight lag and measurement variability you often see.

The SUP2 units use NK’s proprietary calorie burn equation. It’s the only product on the market with a SUP-specific measurement. Most products use an equation that was created with running or cycling in mind, and not something that uses the precise motions of stand up paddleboarding.