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Why is there no audio/intermittent audio/static?

  • Is the wiring clean of cuts or nicks?
    • Cuts or nicks in the wiring are the most frequent causes of audio problems. Be sure that all of the connectors (pins, sockets, plugs, receptacles) are not damaged and are positioned properly.
  • Is the microphone working properly?
    • The microphone may be the cause of failure. It is the most delicate component of the CB system. Test the system with a microphone you know is good. Note: A damaged microphone often causes static.
  • Are the speakers working properly?
    • Be sure all of the speakers are plugged in properly and are in working order (replace one at a time with a known good speaker to test). If you are getting a loud squealing noise, try pointing the speakers away from the coxswain to minimize feedback.
  • Is the audio signal balanced?
    • f you are familiar with how to use an ohmmeter, you can verify if the audio signal of the CB is balanced. Measure from the ground socket “A” to the audio socket “B”. It should read approximately 3.1 volts. Measure from the ground socket “A” to audio socket “C” it should read the same as “A” to “B”. If they are not balanced, return the unit to NK.

Never attempt to repair the CoxBox unit yourself. The units are specially sealed to make them watertight. Breaking this seal often causes very expensive damage and will void the warranty.