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How do I rebalance my CoxBox battery? (video)

(Only needed for CoxBox Battery Packs Pre-August 2014)

NK recommends rebalancing your Cox Box battery twice a year. If you have not done so recently, this is a good time to re-balance them prior to winter storage. This procedure is also recommended for Cox Box Minis and Blue Ocean Batteries.

Steps to Re-balance:

  1. Run the unit until the battery dies. Generating audio while the unit is running will assist in draining the battery. Otherwise turn the units on and set them dark room so that the backlight is activated to cut down on time to drain the battery.
  2. After battery is drained, WAIT 2 DAYS to allow any remaining charge to drain out of the battery.
  3. After 2 days, recharge the batteries until they reach FULL. This will re-balance the cells in the battery and ensure they are ready to go for future use.