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How can I avoid spreading diseases (COVID19) when using shared NK Equipment?

Tips for Avoiding the Spread of Viruses & Bacteria with Shared NK Equipment

We have been asked what is the best way to help prevent potential cross-contamination when using NK Equipment. While NK is not claiming these techniques will be 100% effective against a virus spreading, here are a couple of ideas that may help.

1) When sharing microphones, purchasing a set of finger cots to put on the end of the microphone creates a barrier between the mic and the user's mouth. The finger cot should not affect the overall sound amplification and can be removed after use and then a new one reapplied for the next user. They can be found online or even at your local Walgreens.

2) Use a 10% Bleach and 90% water solution to sanitize all the equipment. This solution is very effective against killing all types of viruses and should not harm the plastics or rubber used in our equipment.