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SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

This is a quick guide on what to look for if you changed batteries and the power no longer comes on with your SpeedCoach Red or Gold or Strokecoach.

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To answer this question, we created the chart below to show all of the features of the StrokeCoach, the SpeedCoach GPS, and the SpeedCoach GPS with the additional Training Pack. Make sure that you consider not only where you are in your rowing needs, but where you eventually want to be and what will be required to get there.

Feature StrokeCoach w/ Surge Rate SpeedCoach GPS2 SpeedCoach GPS2 w/ Training Pack
Stroke Rate
Stroke Count
Elapsed Time (Chronograph)
Auto-Start with First Stroke
Memory Recall
High Contrast Display
Protective Rubber Bumper
Zippered Carrying Case
2-Year Limited Warranty
Impeller-Free Split/Speed (GPS)  
Impeller Compatibility  
Time of Day  
Rechargeable Battery  
Free Firmware Updates  
Option to Add Training Pack    
Empower Oarlock Compatibility    
Bluetooth Heart Rate Belt Compatibility    
Programmable Interval Workouts    
Bluetooth Data Download to Computer or Phone    
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