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SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

This is a quick guide on what to look for if you changed batteries and the power no longer comes on with your SpeedCoach Red or Gold or Strokecoach.

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We typically see power numbers from the oarlock equate to 85% of ERG values but this varies slightly. In all three systems, WORK is calculated as FORCE over the LENGTH of the stroke. POWER is WORK over time. These are measured as the actual output of the athlete applied to the oar/handle and should be fairly equivalent. Work done by the athlete on the slide is not measured in either case, although it does affect the athlete/boat/oar system. Note that calories on the C2 erg are calculated differently as there is a "per stroke" addition for calories burned going up the slide standardized for a 175 pound male athlete.

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That is actually the beauty of these values vs. speed, particularly where wind is concerned, or where you are using GPS speed on moving water: they are measuring the work YOU are doing in the boat to move the boat through the water. So, while your GPS speed may change with current, or your water speed may change with wind, work and power are accurate measures of your output and will be consistent indicators of your effort and effectiveness. (Slip and wash will be revealing indicators of how your technique changes with headwind and tailwind.)

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