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To make the installation process as simple as possible, we created a video series that shows step-by-step-instructions for the EmPower Oarlock. If you have any further questions, please contact our technical support team

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2A: Installing on a Standard Pin

Step 2B: Installing on a C-Cup Bracke

Step 3: Pairing

Step 4: Configuration

Step 5: Calibrating your Oarlock

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The oarlock is installed in exactly the same way you would replace the oarlock on your boat, or remove it to change pitch bushings, and you'll need the same tools your boat would require for that task (such as 7/16", 10mm and/or 13mm wrench and/or screwdriver for backstay adjustment). It can typically be installed in 5-10 minutes, particularly with familiarity. A 2.5mm Allen wrench for securing the magnet bar is included with the oarlock. It is helpful to use a long straight edge, such as a 6ft level, for aligning the magnet bar and zeroing the oarlock angle.

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The weight difference is small (170g sculling, 188g sweep) and unnoticeable once the weight of the rower is added to the boat. However, the weight WILL make an unloaded single or double tip in the direction of the oarlock, so some attention must be paid when placing the boat in the water. Again - if this proves annoying to people, we'll experiment with a weight bar that could be added to the other oarlock. In the meantime, adding a second magnet to the opposite side can help alleviate some of the difference in weight.

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No current plans for a V2. Will support this with future software updates. There will undoubtedly be changes at some point - we've generally not stood still with our products - but this one has the smarts and connectivity to be updated for quite a long time.

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