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Please see this slide which shows how to change the settings:

LiNK (NKSports)

This slide shows you how to change the settings in LiNK Logbook to show Impeller distance and speed instead of GPS.

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Yes. You can toggle the Setup->Input to Impeller. The unit will then get the speed and distance from the impeller instead of the GPS satellites. With the latest firmware installed, the unit will record both GPS and Impeller speed and distance when using with an impeller. It is also recommended to run the impeller calibration on a per boat basis, if using the impeller.

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First please make sure the unit is set to Impeller mode when you go to Main Menu->Setup->Input. Next make sure the impeller is free of any debris and is spinning freely. The next thing to check is the location of the impeller versus the impeller pickup coil. These need to be positioned above each other and as close as possible. The GPS has even greater sensitivity than other SpeedCoach models, so if it works for say a SpeedCoach Gold, but not a GPS, you will need to move the impeller and impeller coil even closer together (if at all possible). See next question on how to properly mount an impeller.

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Installation instructions can be found here . Essentially you want make sure that the impeller is mounted closer to the bow then the stern. We give a guideline that it should be within 6 meters from the bow. You really want to avoid mounting toward the stern as this will introduce more water turbulence and give less accurate readings. For best results, please run the impeller calibration routine to enter the appropriate impeller calibration reading. Calibration should be done on a per boat basis, so if you use the unit in different boats, you should run the calibration routine on each one.

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Below is a procedure that has been successful for other customers:


  • Two People
  • One Sharpie
  • Goof-Off
  • wiping cloth or paper towel


  1. Put the boat in slings right side up.
  2. Assuming the speed pickup is installed so that it is aligned parallel to the long axis of the hull, put one forefinger on the tip of the pickup furthest from the cable that connects it to the cradle. Then try to put the other forefinger on the bottom of the hull in the location where it would touch the other forefinger if the hull were not there. Use the Sharpie to make a dot marking that spot.
  3. Hold the impeller unit against the hull so the impeller propeller is next to that dot.
  4. Put the SpeedCoach into the cradle, turn it on, and set it to read speed via impeller.
  5. Make the impeller spin by blowing on it and see have your helper see if a speed reading appears on the SpeedCoach. If not, try moving the impeller unit forwards and then backwards and blow on it to find where you get a reading.
  6. Once you have a reading, mark that spot if it is different from the spot where your forefinger was.
  7. Then define the range where you can get a reading, by moving the impeller unit forwards, finding the spot where readings cease, and marking that spot. Then move it backwards and mark the spot where readings cease.
  8. Center the impeller unit between those two locations, mark that spot, and attach the unit to the hull with VHB tape
  9. Test again by blowing on it to confirm that it works.
  10. Use Goof Off to wipe away the markings

This method will work for ANY SpeedCoach impeller mounting.

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