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NK has integrated a variety of changes to improve the user experience and ensure a more robust product in the field. Below are some of those features:

  • A single-piece faceplate and large, easy to read display provide a more rugged and waterproof design.
  • Waterproof interface.
  • Buttons are precisely located and sealed from the elements, reducing the potential for water to enter the unit. The lower profile design takes up less volume.
  • New cylindrical battery design provides 10+ hours of battery life with a more reliable, sustained charge.
  • Wireless Stroke Rate - No more dealing with sensors or magnets.
  • Monoblockā„¢ connector port relocates microphone, speaker/charging and data ports away from the face of the unit, creating better readability and simplified serviceability
  • Stablesocketā„¢ design prevents rotation and bending of plug inserts, which protects pins and sockets from damage.
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