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The SpeedCoach is factory calibrated to provide reasonably accurate performance in most shells IF the impeller is installed approximately 16’3” (5m) from the bow. Calibration is an optional step, which allows the display unit to compensate for different impeller locations and to perform very accurately. You do not need to calibrate your system if you are only concerned with comparing performance on a day-to-day basis. However, calibrating your unit will make certain your splits are accurate.

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  1. To calibrate your system, row or paddle over a measured distance on still water (on moving water row or paddle both up and down stream and average the results shown on your display). Then, use the following formula to obtain your calibration value: (Old Cal Value) (True Distance) / (Displayed Distance) = New Cal Value
  2. Make a record of your calibration value for future reference. If you move your unit to a new boat, or modify the location of your impeller, you may want to recalibrate it. Remember, calibration is boat and location specific!
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