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Here are some things to try:

  • Try a different unit to see if it is the unit or the sensor / wiring.
  • Check that the unit is making contacting with the mounting bracket. Push the unit onto the mounting bracket until you hear a loud click. Be sure the lanyard is not interfering with the connection.
  • Clean the silver contacts with alcohol on the back of the unit and on the harness.
  • Make sure you have the impeller installed in your boat. Also make sure the impeller is not impeded with debris.
  • Make sure that the impeller is installed close enough to the blue sensor. The impeller must be mounted within 10” of the blue sensor. See SPC installation instructions for more information.
  • Make sure that the magnet is not passing close enough to the black sensor. Adjust the magnet installation so that the magnet passes the black sensor within 3/4”s.
  • You may need a new magnet if it lost some of its magnetism. You can purchase one through our site.
  • It could possibly be a seat sensor failure. To make certain that it is a problem with the sensor and not the unit, put the SpeedCoach in 0-STROKE mode to bypass the seat sensor.
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