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SpeedCoach firmware version 2.19 also includes a Bluetooth profile update. Therefore you will have to run the firmware update twice to update the firmware and Bluetooth profile. If you ran the update and did not get 2.19 on your SpeedCoach, please connect again and run the update 1 more time. ... Read more

Yes. Both units contain a Bluetooth Low Energy module that is used to communicate with outside applications and devices.

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  1. Download LiNK Logbook from the app store on your mobile device Link Logbook
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on on the mobile device. Open LiNK Logbook.
  3. Create an account or login to LiNK Logbook.
  4. Go to the Workout Log Screen. Press the arrow/cloud icon in the top right.
  5. On the CoxBox GPS, go to the Main Menu and select Data LiNK mode.
  6. In the Logbook app, your CoxBox should appear, select it to begin uploading data.
  7. After data has uploaded, select the calendar date and session you want to review.

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