SpeedCoach GPS / SUP Model 2 Heart Rate Belt

Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 / SUP Model 2 with Heart Rate line.
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Please note: To use this heart rate belt with a SpeedCoach GPS 2 or SpeedCoach SUP 2, the SpeedCoach unit must have the optional training pack installed.

Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2/ SUP Model 2 with Training Pack. 

  • Wirelessly transmits heart rate data via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Compatible with LiNK - NK's connected environment of apps, web analytics and sensors. 
  • Pairs with SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 and SUP Model 2
  • Also compatible with other Bluetooth Low Energy ready devices.
  • This belt is NOT compatible with SpeedCoach GPS Model 1 or SpeedCoach XL products.
Unit Weight.10 lbs

LiNK (NKSports)

version 1.0.13

Use the NK LiNK app to view your workout data on an iOS device. v 1.0.13

NK LiNK version 1.32 for Windows

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Troubleshooting Documents

Comparison of SpeedCoach Model 2 Units: Rowing vs SUP vs OC

A quick solution to fixing a heart rate belt that is displaying erratic readings

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Downloads


Example of exported CSV file from SpeedCoach Model 2. Does not include oarlock data.

Version 2.21 - 10/12/18 Fixes issue where fuel gauge was overestimating remaining battery life in certain units.

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Instruction Manuals

SpeedCoach and SpeedCoach with Heart Rate Belt Instruction Manual

SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 Includes Training Pack Upgrade, Installation, Basic Operations, Setup Menu, Advanced Setup, Specifications, Menu Navigation, Memory, GPS Function and Accuracy, Workouts, Impeller Calibration, Battery Use and Charging

SpeedCoach SUP & SpeedCoach SUP with Heart Rate Belt Instruction Manual

SpeedCoach Interface Upload Software Instructions

SpeedCoach/StrokeCoach Wiring

SpeedCoach Impeller Only Wiring Installation

SpeedCoach Wiring Installation Instructions

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