Coxed 4 Wiring Kit

All of the wiring components needed to wire your 4 person shell!

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1 x Harness Module R Rate Sensor   + $45.00
1 x Harness Module M | Speaker Extension   + $60.00
1 x Harness Module A+ Audio Rate   + $60.00

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Coxed 4 Wiring Kit
Coxed 4 Wiring Kit

In stock




    • 1 x A+ Harness 
    • 1 x Harness 
    • 1 x R Harness 

    CoxBox Boat Wiring

    4+ 2 Speaker Set Up

    All Wiring Setup

    CoxBox single speaker lead Audio connection only.

    CoxBox audio wire speaker lead plus rate sensor lead

    Extension cord for Harness Module A+. Connects to a speaker and to another speaker or modular harness.

    Connects a rate sensor to the Harness Module A+ to provide stroke rate.

    CoxBox Instruction Manuals

    CoxBox Maintenance Kit

    CoxBox Speaker Wiring Diagram

    CoxBox Troubleshooting Documents

    Testing CoxBox Wiring in an 8 with a Multimeter

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